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This week I logged into my Google account and got a nice little pop-up message informing me that I could test my website for mobile compatibility and speed.  I had used Google’s mobile test tool in the past but this seemed to be and updated version of their tool.

After putting in the website address, I was given a high-level report and scores for three areas of the site:

  1. Mobile Friendliness
  2. Mobile Speed
  3. Desktop Speed

They were all scored from 0-100 and have some high-level advice on why these three factors are so important to people who visit your site.  From there, you can drill down and get details on how to fix the things that might need attention on your site.  You can also send yourself the full report on your site so you can reference what needs to be fixed later.

Mobile friendliness and speed continue to be important factors for Google.  Why is it so important to them?  Mobile Commerce has been growing significantly over the last several years.  In the last quarter of 2016, retail m-commerce sales totaled over $22 billion.  This is up 45% from 2015.  Google knows that this translates into advertising dollars because more and more businesses will be advertising to mobile devices.  Making sure that those businesses have high performing mobile versions of their websites will mean more ad revenue for them.

Even if you are not an e-commerce website, Google is still willing to reward companies who pay attention to mobile website performance.  Talk to your Internet Marketing Consultant to see what you can do to improve your mobile presence online.  Don’t ignore it, or you will be left behind in search.    

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