Social Media Ads


Marketing your business through social media can be a daunting task. There are obstacles and hurdles around every corner ranging from where you should place your social media ads, to how much money you should spend on advertisements.


If you are just starting out, there are some simple steps you can take to avoid the major pitfalls related to social ads and content marketing.



Prepare Your Social Media Ads


As Seneca put it, Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.


Create a budget: First you must outline your budget. Entering into any business action without a good idea of how much you have to spend on social media ads is going to lead you down a dangerous path.


You need to know how much you’re willing to spend before you even start thinking about which site is best for your advertisements.


Know your business, know your audience. This will be half of the battle. If you know your business, then you will most likely know all of the other things required to create a good advertisement.


Be knowledgeable about how much your product costs to make, who buys it, who uses it, what it is used for, why your customers buy from you – REALLY IMPORTANT and any other relevant information.


Determine your target demographic. Without a good idea about who you’re social media ads should be directed towards, you won’t accomplish anything. If you’re targeting teens and selling back pain remedies, you’re probably ‘barking up the wrong tree.’


Research. Adding a little bit of extra energy researching relevant information will go a long way. Figure out what time your ads should be running. If possible, read up on what time most purchases of your specific product are made.



Pro Tip: Plan your social media ads thirty minutes to an hour before that, because that’s when they’ll be looking for your product. Also, look into the most popular location and you’ll know the where and when of the equation.



Weigh The Pros And Cons Of Each Social Media Platform


If you’re selling catchy t-shirts, then you’ll probably do well on websites like Pintrest and Tumblr. It may be better to focus on social platforms like LinkdIn if you are offering something for businesses on the more serious side. This ties in well with the research point previously mentioned, but is more in reference to putting yourself in the consumer or clients shoes.


Think about the last time you were on Facebook and that thing you were looking at on Google popped up. If you were looking for a new hammock there’s a chance that an advertisement of someone in a hammock at the beach shows up while watching TV and relaxing on the couch.



It’s more likely that you’ll be scrolling through your timeline while relaxing, so it’s probably going to give the person selling hammock a better shot at getting your business. Likewise, if you are in a serious mood during a hard day of work, having that product you need to fill your last order just “show up” is going to be well received.


To ensure that you’re on the right platform you need to imagine how the user will feel when seeing your advertisement. Take that feeling and ask yourself if you would respond well during the times you personally use these platforms. This brings up the next step.



Set The Tone For Your Social Media Ads


If you’ve managed to get your advertisement in front of the right people at the right time, the tone of your ad will make or break it. There are plenty of different styles to use while advertising. Here are some of the best types of social media ads to think about.


Comedy. Comedy has always been one of the leading ways to get your foot in the door. People love to laugh and this just takes advantage of that fact.


Class. Most people want others to see them a certain way. Quite often they want to be seen as put together, successful, and “cool”. If you tell someone that your product will move them in that direction, you will be that much closer to securing their interest.


Affordability. In today’s society, spending money is tighter than normal. Being able to say that your product won’t break the bank is a huge plus in your favor. No one likes to waste money because it simply doesn’t feel good.


Quality. Trying to get someone to give you their time or money is quite a bit easier when they know that you offer the best of the best. Purchasing a used car is only ever an issue because there are always those nagging worries, “Is it going to break down after I buy it? What problems does it have that they’re not telling me?”


Those worries don’t just exist in the used car market. Anyone that is spending money on something wants to know that their money is going to go a long way. They want to know that no matter what happens, this thing they bought is going to keep on ticking for a reasonable amount of time. Give them that assurance in order to capture their business.





As you well know, marketing on the Web can be challenging and requires that you go into it with your eyes wide open. Weave these elements together when developing a content marketing plan in order to give your content marketing efforts a boost with social media ads.



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