Manufacturing Marketing


When creating a high functioning marketing plan on the Internet, SEO for manufacturing companies is quite often considered the biggest priority.


While this is certainly true, putting ALL of your emphasis on SEO can leave you searching for where everything went wrong.


This doesn’t mean keywords have gone the way of the dodo. It simply means that a more well-rounded approach is needed to be successful when marketing your business on the Web.



Limiting Yourself to Just SEO


When you rely on this alone, you will only engage new audiences when they hit on one of your keywords. This is huge when it works.


Sometimes your client just asks a friend or a business partner who they would recommend. When this happens, your attempts have effectively missed their mark.


Instead of investing heavily in search engine optimization, as part of your manufacturing marketing plan, use some of your resources to get some Facebook or LinkedIn ads. People are constantly checking their phone, and this is one of their go-to selections. You can choose your demographic by all sorts of categories including location, type of business, company size and search terms.



Ignoring Google AdWords


You could do everything right and still not show up at the top of the search results. As with every other successful company, Google has begun to monetize everything that they do. Realizing the importance of being one of the first few results, the company has started letting businesses and individuals invest to make sure their links get views.


Manufacturing Marketing


You are now dealing with four Google Ads before the natural  (organic) ranking results show up. There are also three Google Ads at the bottom of the page now. Go check it out, do any search on Google and see what you come up with. Needless to say, Google is focusing more on Pay-To-Play. This makes the organic real estate available to you on the first page of Google very valuable.


Having a high relevance rating is extremely helpful as it reduces the cost; however, there is still a cost (bid price). These links pay a certain amount based on their relevance to the keywords they want to be associated with. In addition to this price, they then pay an amount for each visit generated through this placement.


These links are supported by Google to the extent that it can be difficult to even tell which links are at the top because of relevance, and which are at the top because they’ve invested thousands of dollars to be there.


Depending upon your manufacturing marketing plan and what you are trying to market, it could be extremely cost effective to invest in Google Adwords.



Viral Is Viral


Remember that time you saw Jean Claud Van Damme doing a split between two moving Volvo semi trucks? Remember that thing you forgot yesterday? Obviously not.


There is a reason for that. That video was interesting, funny, and most of all… It was viral. Not only was it a hit with the younger generation, it also had an actor that their parents could connect with. The advertisement effectively turned the children into commercials when they shared the “funny video” with their family.


Recently there has been an explosion of social media influencers getting hired by huge companies to run advertise their products. Everything from name brand soda to car insurance companies have taken this approach.


The modern commercial has gone from being a 30 second spot between TV shows to only lasting the few seconds a viewer has to wait until they can skip the ad on YouTube. Sometimes these ads are so funny or catchy that people pause the video to search for the ad itself.



People Want Their Values To Be Appreciated


Sometimes people choose based on the values their money will be invested in. It’s not always about who has the best chicken and waffle fries if the CEO is putting down people you care about.


It’s also a lot easier to spend a little bit more on a car when you know the CEO is extremely involved with philanthropy and saving the planet.


Create a positive core set of values and ensure that they are known as part of your manufacturing marketing plan. This will give you that little bump you need when someone is choosing between you and a competitor.



Fremiums – Especially Quality Freebies


Often, the world of manufacturing overlooks one of the best ways to get your goods where you want them. Give them away. Got something that will make your potential customer’s life a little easier? Or something that will help them run their business? Do you have a chargeable service that you provide to your current customers? Give it to them! That’s called a Fremium (Free – Premium).


You may balk at the thought of giving away something you’ve spent your time and money on. Looking at investments and marketing from that viewpoint will hold you back. You have to keep in mind that people are usually against change. Change can be scary. Think instead about your customer cost-of-acquisition.


What does it cost you to get a new customer? Do you know? Os a somewhat related note, statistics show that it’s 7X more expensive to get a new customer, than to keep and grow an existing one.


If someone is on a budget, they will rarely go out on a limb and buy something new, even if all the signs are there that it’s the best choice.


As long as you are following all of the other steps here, your goods will shine through. Get straight to the point because people tend to believe that free things are too good to be true.



In Conclusion


Stop making excuses about why you’re not making it happen online and take the initiative to properly market your small manufacturing business online. Take into consideration the unique aspects of your own manufacturing business. Every situation will be unique. No matter what strengths you bring to the table, make sure that you play to them.



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