Small Business Lead Management Ideas & Tools - Free Call Log Template PDF & Digital Call Log Tracking Form Example


A large number of small businesses fall short when it comes to tracking inbound leads, especially capturing information from incoming calls. This level of information is far more important than most small business owners realize.


Whether calls originate from an existing customer, a digital ad campaign, or someone new who found you by doing a search in Google, this is important information that should not be ignored. Furthermore, call tracking provides insight as to what is and isn’t working for your business, which ultimately allows you to adjust your marketing budget if needed.



What is Call Tracking?


Call tracking is a way to capture information from incoming leads. Whether you choose to track these leads manually or digitally is completely up to you. You simply need to track this information to help gain a better understanding for what customers are most interested in, along with with what is and what is not working for you and your small business in this area.


Call tracking can be done in a several different ways. However, today I will be covering two of the most affordable ways for a small business to capture, track and monitor inbound leads. This will include information about call tracking software and free lead management tools.



Call Tracking Software


Call tracking software allows you to track and manage your phone leads. This allows you to measure phone call conversions from search and digital to offline marketing campaign at a minimal monthly rate. To learn more about these services or inquire on the setup and pricing of this tool, please Contact Us today.



Lead Management Tools


Manual Call Tracking is another way to track inbound leads coming from your website. There are two available methods. The first option would be to utilize a free call log template. This will allow you to customize the fields in which you need populated by customer service and or the sales team.


If you want to track things a little closer and there’s a chance some leads may require follow up, you can always take this to the next level by creating a shared template using something similar to Google Sheets (or to make it easier for people taking calls, use a Google Form, which populates the information to a Google Sheet). This will give you the ability to track, monitor and locate information by doing a simple search within your Google account.


An even better option would be to use a form method to create a digital call log on your website. This will give everyone within your company access to the form. Once a form has been filled out with the proper information, all you need to do is click submit and the form will be sent to the recipients via email.



Small Business Lead Management Ideas & Tools