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Take full advantage of your voice with talk to text dictation apps!


There are many reasons why businesses aren’t blogging today, and the number one reason I hear is that people just don’t have the time. Time, that man made construct that now controls everything in our lives. 24 hours just isn’t enough to accomplish the piling stack of tasks on our desks and usually, blog posts get shuffled to the bottom of the ‘to-do’ pile.


Other popular reasons I’ve heard are they don’t like to sit down and type, they don’t know how to spell that well, every time they have a great idea they’re not in front of a keyboard, or don’t have any paper on them. Now, you don’t need paper and you don’t even need a keyboard to create a blog post. Everyone has a concern as to why that “can’t”, but what if you could change the way you completed the task? What if hours starting at a computer screen was cut out of the equation?


Completely hands-free dictation apps and software are available (and cheap) for you to use!



Unleash the Dragon


With Dragon Dictation you don’t have to sit at a keyboard anymore, you can speak your own content using this software.


Dragon Dictation is in the Apple App Store and Google Play (for Android users) or you can purchase their software from their website if you want to install it on a desktop. Dragon Dictation uses the cloud to connect with all your devices, so you can switch between your iphone and your tablet if you want. Just a head’s up about the app though, there’s a free 1 week trial period, but then it automatically rolls you into the paid monthly subscription.


If you’re continually bogged down by paperwork and emails though, the monthly subscription is only $14.99 and could very well be worth it for you.


Entrepreneur’s travel a lot for business meetings, conferences, and sales. Often, travel limits the time you have to do traditional office work, so you end up playing catch up for several days after you get back. But, you don’t have to lose time while your traveling!


For everyone’s safety (and to keep yourself from getting a ticket) you need to start using a hands-free app if you’re going to work while you drive. I’m willing to bet we’ve all set a text while driving before, but if you plan on doing anything more involved, make the responsible decision here.


Dragon Dictation is a voice recognition software by Nuance Communications that allows you to speak your text for emails, text messages, and even forms. So, even when you’re driving and traveling, you can “write” blog posts and complete other office paperwork. Using your voice to type your blog post will allow you to use your hands for other work you need to get. This is truly the face of modern day multi-tasking.


There are a slew of recorder/dictation apps available, but Dragon Dictation seems to be the most comprehensive of all needs. However, one criticism I have for the software is the inability to see each word you speak automatically. As you’ll see in the video below, text only appears when a statement is completed. While this may not be a big concern if you just need to get an idea on a page, personally it helps me order my thoughts. This concern could be a lingering affect of the start-stop typing method which so many of us are used to now, but it’s still a hurdle to overcome as we move forward.


Voice Tech for the Workplace


Coming up with fresh content isn’t always easy and sometimes great ideas come to you when you’re not ready. Now when you say you don’t have time to write a blog, you’re only fooling yourself. It’s as easy as speaking the words, saving, and copy-pasting it.


Voice to text dictation apps are just another from of automated intelligence (AI) which can help you make better use of your time and resources. The use of AI in the workplace is steadily on the rise as employers and employees alike are recognizing the time-saving benefits of implementing it in their workday. Dictation software, and especially apps, take the hassle out of writing for those of us that struggle with spelling, grammar, and time management.


For many small businesses, content creation falls on the shoulders of an already busy CEO or employee, if there’s no content management position set up. Yes, writing good content takes time, but most business owners know that they need it if they’re going to be successful online. Instead of overloading yourself or an employee, make the task a little easier and take advantage of dictation apps that do most of the work for you.



voice dictation



Once your words are typed, you then can focus on your formatting and other specific details you want to manage. If you want to get views and shares, your content not only needs to be well-written, but well laid out as well.


And since you’re producing your content through voice, consider that people will be searching through voice command as well. Voice search is on the rise with younger generations and we already know the growing market for tech like “Siri” and “Alexa”. Perhaps then, speaking your content will help it rank better because because you’re already using common terms and a conversational tone that searchers will also be using.


Your voice is powerful and for many people, ideas flow more smoothly when they don’t have to worry so much about punctuation and spelling. Basically, our modern technology has updated and given new life to the idea of a scribe. So, there may be no real, new ideas, but we can always improve our existing ones. It’s time that you updated your writing and work methods as well.



In Conclusion


You’re well aware of your problem, but hopefully you also have your solution. Voice to text dictation technology is a great step forward in revolutionizing the busy workday and making it possible to tackle more projects at once, without overworking yourself. Hopefully for some, this will solve the problem of not having time to write quality content or not being an efficient typist.

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