Retail & Services Testimonials

Corney Keg

“After we got started with Cazbah we did more in new monthly sales than we had done in any previous month before Cazbah. We have grown our new sales every single month since then. Our first full month with Cazbah delivered around $5,000 in new sales. Last month we topped over $25,000 in new sales from our Cazbah website.”

“Average order size is very important to us and we track it closely. When we first started, our average order size was roughly $60. Last month, our average order size was $140.”

“Cazbah gave us the opportunity to get our new website and our Web business up and running at a very low cost. We wouldn’t be where we are, if I would have had to learn how to do all of the types of work that they do for us. Partnering with Cazbah is the thing that has really set us apart. They really helped us.

“I highly recommend Cazbah to anybody that has a good idea that wants to get a website up and get a viable Web business going quickly and affordably. Unequivocally, Cazbah has delivered for us.”

Cappel’s Costume Shops

“Our sales from our new website have been tremendous Much better than I had hoped for. We’ve been with Cazbah for a year and a half and can really see that they have a good understanding for our business and for what we are offering. The resultant sales have been very pleasing. We know that we are on the beginning edges of seeing that get even better. Our return on investment has been better than we had ever anticipated”

“Right away after we converted to Cazbah we started seeing 50 new sales per month. During our first busy season, the business generated from our new website was the max that we could possibly handle. Now, our challenge is to develop the systems in-house to handle that volume of sales”

“We get phone calls and emails everyday from our website. Some of them result in really nice orders that we would never have gotten without our Cazbah website. We are seeing an increase in our average order size as well. The orders from the website are about 40% larger than what we get from our walk-in trade”

“Our Cazbah website keeps us ahead of the competition. Cazbah has been great. They really care about our business and they are very responsive and proactive to our needs”

“We would definitely recommend Cazbah. They have helped us build our customer base and grow our business.”