Dealers and Distributors Testimonials

Automation Aides

“We are getting 75 to 100 contacts via phone and email per week now. Our quote requests as a result have increased 4 or 5 fold. Even more gratifying is the fact that we are locking down more than 50% to 60% of those quotes.”
“Our situation on the Web before Cazbah was virtually non-existent. It was a hope and a dream but, never a reality. The situation has changed since we joined Cazbah and our Internet sales now represent about 30% of our total business. All of our business growth now comes from the Web.”

“We now have first page presence on all of the search engines. 98% of our sales from the Web come from outside of our existing sales territory. Previously, our business model was an industrial distributorship within a 150 mile radius of Philadelphia. Now were selling products to Japan, Germany and even to China.”

“Our sales leads are far more qualified now and I have to give kudos to Cazbah for that. They helped us really focus our business and make us look like the experts on the Internet in torque and torque tools that we are. My account manager contacts me frequently to talk about marketing ideas and brainstorm about how we can market better on the Web. The repeat business that we get from customers who find us on the Internet is one of the most gratifying things about our new website.”

“We’ve recommended Cazbah to quite a few small businesses. We’ve gotten a terrific value out of the relationship.”

Home Power Systems

“Cazbah has helped our business grow tremendously over the past 7 years. Cazbah is a true business partner. They understand our business and want us to succeed. Before I brought Cazbah onboard, I had a regular website that had absolutely no traffic to it at all. I needed a company that not only knew how to build a website but how to be found on the Web.”

“We now sell multiple unit orders that come to us from all over the U.S., via our website. We get 10 to 15 quote requests per day and our phones are ringing all the time. I have a full time person dedicated just to handle our Ecommerce sales. We do between $1,200,000 and $1,500,000 per year just in Ecommerce sales.”

“We sell everything from $30 maintenance kits to $25,000 generators on our website. Our average sale is between $2,500 and $3,500. We are now in the top 10% of all Generac dealers in the nation, as a direct result of the revenues that we generate from our Cazbah website.”

“Cazbah has other businesses that they work with and they take that experience and put it into our company which makes us very successful. I am 100% confident that I would recommend Cazbah to any small business.”

Davis Trailer World

“Our sales have grown every year and we can attribute a good portion of that to our Cazbah website. We’ve grown 10% to 15% annually just based on our Internet sales. We actually see growth every week. We get 25 sales leads from our website per week. We bring about 10 of those to a proposal and we close about 50% of them. Our average order size on a trailer is around $4,000.”

“We’ve been a Cazbah customer for 6 satisfied years now and we’ve had the same account manager from the day we started. It’s been a great relationship, working one-on-one with our account manager. It’s like working with a friend.”

“The nice thing with Cazbah is they are always available. When we have a need, we discuss that with our account manager. We talk about it and it gets done in a timely fashion. It’s a good partnership and we work very well together.”

“We’re out in a rural area so being able to find Davis Trailer World on the Internet is invaluable. Our website is a great asset for both us and our customers. We’ve actually seen many of our competitors go away. Even in tough economic times we have continued to grow, because of our Internet business.”

“I recommend Cazbah all the time. Cazbah is well worth the investment and it’s the best value of any marketing that we do as a whole.”