Manufacturing Testimonials

Sidco Filter

“It amazes me to this day that someone will spend $20,000 for one of our products, having no experience with us before, based solely on the comfort level that they have because of the quality of our Cazbah website.”

“We tried many different avenues to pursue the Internet market, before Cazbah, but it never really seemed like they were doing the job for us. We went through several years of gyrations with other companies before joining with Cazbah. We’ve been with Cazbah for over 5 years now and we have seen our sales grow over the Internet. The return that we get from our Internet sales, more than pays for our expenses.”

“When we joined with Cazbah we were able to tighten our approach to marketing so that today we get very few non-specific inquiries. I have recommended Cazbah to other folks and I will continue to do so because I feel the pain of what they are going through.”

Holtgreven Scale & Electronics Company

“I’m getting good quality leads and generating sales with Cazbah. Our business growth last year was fantastic! Our business was down coming into Cazbah. The results last year from the website lead to pretty close to a doubling in sales.”

“The leads I’m getting are much higher quality. I’m getting more of the good orders. I’m averaging between 5 and 10 phone calls and email requests per day. Half of them result in quotes.”

“I would highly recommend Cazbah. They have put us in a position on the web that we weren’t able to attain before. Cazbah has really done its job!”

Hamrick Manufacturing

“Our customers can find us on line now. That’s what we had trouble with before. We moved from the 2nd page on Google all the way to the top of the 1st page. The volume of phone calls and emails has gone up. According to our statistics, our website traffic is up 600% since joining with Cazbah.”

“Cazbah has definitely taken the time to understand our business. We don’t sell any products on line. Our business is the engineering and manufacturing of specialty equipment. Cazbah took the time to get to know me and our products and that’s what helped out company to be successful on the Web.”

“I would recommend Cazbah in a heartbeat. The price we paid is definitely worth it. They have really helped us expand our presence on the Web.”

Advanced Technology Products

“Since we joined Cazbah we are now getting more leads from our website. Our website is now a profit center and it’s paying for itself within the 2nd year of the program. Our business has grown about 130% year-over-year because of our website and we’re seeing profit margins that are much higher than what we would get through a distribution network.”

“We are getting many more phone calls, emails and quote requests. Most of the inquiries that we do get translate to an order. We have also seen an increase in the order size over the time that we have been with Cazbah. We’ve also seen some very large orders recently.”

“I would recommend Cazbah mainly because of the help and support that we get from our dedicated account manager. They don’t just take your money and leave you sitting there. Our return on investment has been very good.”