Small businesses regularly adapt to new technologies in order to continue the growth of their company. Most often, businesses are learning new ways to harness the power of the internet and all it has to offer in order to increase their business. While this is true for many companies, there are still a few industries that are not yet up to speed on that learning curve.


Recently, I engaged with a local farmer to discuss their website and online opportunities. Growing up on a farm and working in the technology business has given me a unique ability to connect the dots for many small farmers and local businesses. It is not always an easy transition for them, but adapting to the internet is indeed a step farmers will need to take.


There are a few ways farmers and other small, local businesses can start the process of becoming a more ‘tech savvy’ business. Not only will this help them meet the needs of their local community, it will help to develop an online presence with an even larger audience full of potential customers.


Mobile Friendly Website
It’s extremely important to have a modern, mobile friendly website that displays all your products, services and anything else you have to offer. Creating an organized, user friendly site is key for local and online customers to easily know what’s available to them.

Digital Marketing
Over the years, farmers’ markets have slowly begun to utilize digital technology.  They’ve learned this can help them reach and stay connected with the consumers in the local area.

Email Marketing
With that being said, the importance of building an email list will become crucial.  It’s a great way to educate your local audience on when and where they can purchase your produce and other products.  This also helps you stay connected and continue marketing with an online audience. By sending emails out to your customer base, you are able to keep them well informed of what is happening year round.

Social Media Presence
Another area where farmers’ markets are engaging in the world of technology are social media channels.  It’s a great way to share what’s happening on the farm, seasonal availabilities, livestock production, news, and other important information related to the local crops.


Although these are just a few ways local businesses and farmers can begin the process of getting involved in the world of technology, it’s a great place to start. In time, farmers will learn that their website and the Internet is just as important to the farm as a new tractor.