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As a marketer, there is an ever increasing amount of channels available to display content on. One of the most popular channels is social media. With a variety of social media channels, it’s important to distinguish one social media outlet from another when we post content, while taking advantage of the differences.

On Facebook, you would find it appropriate to make a Walking Dead reference, as one of my clients did, and appropriately so, to my delight.zombie

Alternatively, the same post would not be received as well on LinkedIn. Why? Because LinkedIn represents a more formal, educated audience that swings to an older demographic, and is, even by design, intended to be a business outlet. It offers great opportunity to make connections and offer business services, as well as information and education on product offerings, services, and technical industry content. The same isn’t as true for Facebook, which by design is a network for friends and family. On Facebook, it would be very appropriate for humour, or to announce the birth of a family member, especially for a small, family-owned and operated business in America.

Where do Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram and the rest fit in?

We prioritize Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ for a number of reasons. First, volume for Facebook is around one billion people, LinkedIn is nearly 200 million. Google+ doesn’t come anywhere near that, but Google+ also informs both Google Maps AND shows a full profile and info box (Knowledge Graph). Take a look at how Cazbah appears in Google search.


One more benefit of creating even a basic social media profile is that it establishes a backlink. Google has already made it clear that reputable, authoritative websites linking to yours will increase your authority with Google, and may help your rankings in Google search for your target keywords.

Long story short, do not neglect social media. We haven’t even talked about engaging with your [potential] customers. Always have the pages established with basic listing info. You can decide how much further you want to go from there. We will talk again about the value of different mediums for your content in an upcoming post.

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