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When it comes to creating new blog content ideas to post, it isn’t always a cake walk. And unless you’re already writing on a regular basis, most employees and owners alike don’t know where to begin…especially when the writer’s block sets in.


I’m in the unique position where I write everyday. So, let me share with you some of the ways I come up with new content topics for the Cazbah blog and beat writer’s block at it’s own game!



Anyone Can Write


Yes, some people will have more of a natural talent for writing, but that doesn’t mean that only those born with it can do the work. If it takes you a little longer to remember grammar rules, check your spelling, or even find the words to write, that’s OK. Content development isn’t a sprint to the finish line.


However, even the most accomplished and practiced writers can sometimes struggle to come up with new and interesting web content. Sometimes it feels like you can only write so much. I’ve been there, and there have been times when I can’t possibly think of another word I could write. I get burned out and frustrated. To help overcome this issue, I’ve scoured various articles and YouTube videos and have come up with the best list of blog content ideas to make sure you overcome writer’s block every time it strikes! 


tips to come up with new content generation ideas


But, when it comes to blog content ideas, there are usually two main issues that arise: how to create fresh content from old content and how to come up with original content ideas in the first place.


Let’s go through both!



Where to Find Your Writing Inspiration


You can get content development ideas from anywhere, the news, podcasts, office conversation, a customer’s passing comment etc. The most important lesson here is to not close off any opportunity just because it may seem insignificant at the time. In order to come up with new ideas, you need to be continually exposed to new information and viewpoints.


ideas for better blog content topics


You need to hear about a new topic, event, or law and research it for yourself. Read every section of the paper and don’t always have conversation with your co-workers just about your businesses. If you stay in the same continuous environment, you’ll quickly find your ideas are stale.


Here are just 10 ways to gain better blog content ideas:


  1. Follow a podcast that isn’t specific to your industry
  2. Make it your routine to read the whole paper every day (if you read the news on your phone, make sure you’re following several diverse news channels)
  3. Make sure you interact with your co-workers or employees at least once a day
  4. Read a new quote every day and write an article around it
  5. Use a personal story to make a point
  6. Go to a store or business and people watch (pay attention to how customers and employees interact and how the business is run)
  7. Browse some stock images and create an article around them
  8. Find trending topics on Twitter and read through those Tweets
  9. Find an area of your business you don’t know about and interview those that work in that sector
  10. Have themed content for a specific day of the week (like a throwback Thursday where you write about your business’ development over the years)


Successful writing is all about emotion. Having a mixture of personal (while still professional) interests, stories, and experiences is sure to help your audience connect with you and your brand. Remember, you’re writing for your audience to help them solve a problem or answer a question they might have, so make sure you have a relatable tone to your writing.



Ways to Reboot Your Old Content


We’ve all been here. You need to queue up an article to post on your website and social media accounts, but you have a million other tasks to do and no time to write a brand new article. Where do you turn? Your already published blog articles of course! But, you don’t want to re-publish a tired looking article because it most likely won’t get you any useful traffic. So instead of deciding not to post anything, re-create your existing blog article into a new and interesting media form!

So, let’s break down 6 options to ignite your old content:


  1. Turn your article in a SlideShare
  2. Create a marketing video so your viewers can watch instead of read
  3. Transforms your article into an informative infographic
  4. Publish a guest post with an interesting spin
  5. Take an article about one of your products or services to create an eye-catching ad or pamphlet
  6. Gather some of your best articles on a topic to form an e-book or case study


Re-purposing your existing content gives it a longer shelf life, relieves you of the burden of having to write an original article, promotes your business as relevant and original, and helps to keep your audience entertained and regularly engaged. Your followers and viewers don’t want to spend their whole day scrolling through an endless supply of article, it’s just not practical.


Give them different methods to interact with your content that will keep them coming back to your page or website! Having a diverse range of content media will help your posts stand out in a scroller’s social media feed and will also set you apart from your competitors who stick to article only posts.


Once you transform an article into a new media form, you can post your new content separately on your social media and website. However, you should also add the new content form to your old blog article (or at least a link), so your audience has the option if they find the article first. Not everyone prefers the to interact with content the same way, so you need to give them options!



In Conclusion


Creating new blog content isn’t hard if you know where to look! Don’t spend unnecessary time worrying about what you’re going to post. Instead, read the tips above to gain fresh content ideas to engage your audience and bolster your content marketing campaign!