The Cazbah Solutions


The Cazbah Name


We get asked all the time, “Where did you guys come up with the name Cazbah?” It certainly wasn’t something that we just stumbled upon. We put quite a bit of research and thought into our brand, which is what good branding requires.

First, we picked Cazbah because it represents exactly who we are! The Cazbah, (or Kasbah -proper spelling) is generally the center of the North African towns where you go to get everything that you need. It’s where you will find the marketplace. This interesting juxtaposition of being the center of influence and the marketplace is who we are for our small business customers. We help them define their center-of-influence as we bring them to market, by providing them with everything that they need to be successful on the Web.

Second, we wanted a brand that was familiar but not obvious. Cazbah is familiar to different people for different reasons. For the younger generation there is the song by the Clash (vintage ’80s rock actually, albeit still popular), “Rock the Kasbah.” For the more mature crowd there is Ingrid Bergman & Humphrey Bogart in Casa Blanca. “Rick’s Cafe’ Americain,” where most of the action in the film occurs, is located in the Kasbah.

A classic movie line that many people remember is, “Come with me to the Kasbah. We’ll make beautiful music together!” This line actually comes from the film Pepe’ le Moko, a French film from the late ’30s which was remade in Hollywood in the ’40s, about a French gangster (Pepe’) who hides out in the Kasbah. An interesting side note is that Pepe’ LePew  (Chuck Jones cartoon) is based on this movie. Pepe’ (the skunk) takes many of his lines from the film, including the, “Come wis me to da Kasbah…”

Third, you will notice that Cazbah is constructed in a consonant – vowel – consonant – vowel sequence. This wasn’t by accident. The most successful brands follow this form. Brands like: eBay, Google, Amazon, Coca Cola, Microsoft, Intel, Oracle, Samsung, DuPont, etc. Note also that most of these are “made-up” words or adaptations of other words or names.

Fourth, we subscribe to the branding methodology that, in creating a brand you must: define a new category, give it a name, and then dominate the category!  Which is precisely what we are doing.