Local Optimization

Do your sales depend on foot traffic through the front door of your small business? If so, then local optimization is something you need to pay close attention to. Local optimization is a branch of online marketing that caters to small businesses that rely on a specific, geographic region or community for their sales.

Did you know:

  • 97% of consumers who shop locally search for local businesses online
  • 50% of smartphone users who do a local search visit a store within a day of their search
  • 54% of smartphone users search for business hours
  • 53% of smartphone users search for directions to a local store
  • 50% of smartphone users search for the local store address
  • 45% of tablet and computer users search for availability of products at a local store

These stats prove how important it is to be found when consumers are conducting local searches for businesses like yours.  When a local search is done, it’s critical that all your business information is correct and consistent within all directories that supply search engines with your business information. If your business information isn’t correct across the web, your business is much less likely to come up when a consumer does a local search.

Local optimization is a vital marketing tactic for any small business that depends on local customers for their sales. It takes time, but it will make your small business stand out above your competition, ultimately driving more traffic to your website and through your front door.

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