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Drip Marketing – The Basics, Benefits, and Best Practices

what is drip marketing

what is DRIP marketing


Drip marketing is an internet marketing technique where businesses consistently “drip” targeted information to their prospects and current customers. It helps to keep business relationships fresh and ensures that the customer and business are motivated to continue in that relationship.



What is Drip Marketing?


Drip marketing is the systematic approach to moving leads through the “marketing funnel”. There is a sequence of steps that a contact goes through on their path to becoming your customer. These steps exist within what is commonly referred to as the sales or marketing funnel and include; Suspect > Prospect > Lead > Qualified Lead > Proposal > Close. This marketing methodology uses email marketing to automatically send (or “drip”) relevant information to individuals who are at various stages in your sales funnel, based on their actions or timing.




Variety in Drip Marketing



These are just a few of the numerous ways Drip marketing can be used to bring a suspect to a qualified lead, with no direct involvement from your sales team. This steady stream of relationship-building content ensures that your prospects are truly qualified and ready for a sales call, when the time comes to engage them in your sales process.



In review, Drip Marketing:




In Conclusion


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(Note: Attention, Interest, Desire, Action refers to the 4 fundamental elements of effective marketing communications. It’s a quick read that will help you develop all of your content online.)

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