Ward Diesel Filter Systems

About Ward Diesel Filter Systems

Ward Diesel Filter Systems is a specialty manufacturer and installer of exhaust filtration solutions in the fire service industry to prioritize the health, safety, and well-being of those in fire service. Cazbah designed a new website for Ward Diesel Filter Systems that showcases their products and clear differences so customers can easily receive more information on the product that is best for them.

Project Overview

When Ward Diesel Filter Systems first came to Cazbah, they received an updated website design to bring their online presence to meet modern expectations. Their main goal was to detail the specific differences in their products and reach more new customers online through organic search.

The Cazbah team worked with Ward Diesel Filter Systems to establish a specific set of keywords to prioritize on the new website. These keywords were carefully researched and tracked over time to determine their effectiveness in increasing page rank in SERPS to bring more visitors to the website. A content marketing strategy was also developed to update existing page content and to create new, valuable content for prospective customers that would clearly answer any questions they had. By reviewing metrics from Google Analytics with Cazbah, Ward Diesel Filter Systems was able to see a clear increase in specific page traffic as a direct result of dedicated SEO and content work.
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