Visicomm Industries

About Viscomm Industries

Visicomm Industries is a third-generation family business that specializes in providing service for and manufacturing solid-state and rotary frequency converters for a variety of applications. Cazbah designed a modern and professional website that balances important technical information with simplicity so customers can effortlessly find and understand the information they need.

Project Overview

Visicomm Industries was in need of a modern website that showcased their expertise and valuable product information, but was also easy to navigate and use for visitors and customers. Cazbah created a new website design with a simple website infrastructure that prioritizes product pages and empowers visitors to take the next step in the sales process by clearly providing the information they need.

Through combined efforts of modern website design, SEO keyword integration, and improved content development, organic traffic to the new website has increased consistently. More of Visicomm Industries’ ideal customers are finding their website online and visiting valuable product pages, leading to an increase in leads.
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