TOTE® SYSTEMS is a proudly made-in-the-USA manufacturer and a single source supplier for dry powder and liquid-based contained material handling products and systems. TOTE® SYSTEMS is the original manufacturer of the “TOTE” bin. Cazbah partnered with TOTE® SYSTEMS to design a dynamic website to showcase their products to boost sales numbers.

Project Overview

When Cazbah found TOTE® SYSTEMS, they were looking for a true partner who would not only create a quality website, but would also offer dedicated support and communication. Cazbah teamed up with TOTE® SYSTEMS to design a new website with engaging but simple product pages to create an easy purchasing experience for customers. Cazbah worked with TOTE® SYSTEMS to manage the product information on the website to ensure every sale was correct and verified, leading to increased positive customer experiences.

SEO and content development were also utilized to further evolve the new website and help it rank for additional keywords. These target keywords bring more of the right prospects to specific product and landing pages, allowing visitors to find the information they need quickly.
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