Texas Hose Pro

About Texas Hose Pro

Texas Hose Pro is a premier manufacturer, distributor, and service provider of hydraulic hoses, transfer fluid lines, and hose fitting products for commercial and industrial use. Cazbah designed an updated and professional website for Texas Hose Pro that showcases their capabilities to help visitors move easily through pages and and engage with them.

Project Overview

Texas Hose Pro needed a professionally designed website to meet current customer and industry standards. Cazbah developed a new website design and clean layout that shows Texas Hose Pro’s professionalism and experience, while also providing customers with clear product and service information.

By focusing on combining SEO work and content development, Cazbah researched and included valuable keywords throughout important landing pages. With consistent work, organic traffic to the new website from SERPs increased as a direct result. Improved content development projects help attract new and ideal prospects to the website, allowing them to find the answers and solutions they are looking for quickly.
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