Schlegel Electronic Materials, Inc.

About Schlegel Electronic Materials, Inc.

Schlegel Electronic Materials, Inc., is an international, premier manufacturer and provider of EMI shielding and thermal management materials. Cazbah partners with Schlegel Electronic Materials, Inc. to design a clean and modern website balanced with enough simplicity to make it user friendly, but designed with important technical information to answer customer questions effectively.

Project Overview

Because Schlegel Electronic Materials offers an extensive list of niche products, they needed a website development partner who could commit to understanding their specific industry needs. Cazbah works with Schlegel Electronic Materials to develop organized product and category pages to create a positive user experience on the website so visitors can easily find the products they want information on.

Cazbah continually supports Schlegel Electronic Materials through their growth and expansion by providing essential website updates, changes to important technical product information, and integration of valuable SEO strategies on key pages to keep them competitive online as an industry leader. Through this dedicated work, new visitor traffic to the Schlegel Electronic Materials website has increased steadily over the years leading to an increase in valuable prospects and completed sales.
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