RELO Solutions Group

About RELO Solutions Group

RELO Solutions Group is a family business focusing on relocation and specialty on-site labor services for residential and commercial needs. Cazbah designed an updated website with a clear and simple page organization infrastructure to make the website more user friendly and allow visitors to easily access the information and products they wanted.

Project Overview

RELO Solutions Group needed an updated website to organize their web pages and integrate their Ecommerce store so customers would not have to waste time searching the website, or possibly leaving, for what they wanted. Cazbah gave the RELO Solutions Group website a modern update with a focus on clean and simple website design. Services pages were consolidated and organized and the Ecommerce store was connected to make the new website as robust as possible.

A content marketing strategy was developed to create new content focused on relevant industry topics, including valuable SEO keywords to help those pages increase their rank in SERPs. As more web pages began to rank competitively online, traffic to the new website increased creating valuable sales lead opportunities.
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