Monroe Fluid Technology

About Monroe Fluid Technology

Monroe Fluid Technology is a premier manufacturer and distributor of metalworking fluids, industrial cleaners, and rust preventatives. Cazbah works with Monroe Fluid Technology to create a dynamic website that answers all of a visitor’s questions about a specific product, creating a smooth and efficient sales experience.

Project Overview

Cazbah worked with Monroe Fluid Technology to create a clean and simple website design and navigation so customers could easily find the product information they wanted. With a simple website product page infrastructure, customers can easily view product information and proceed to the next step of the sales process.

Cazbah developed a personalized SEO strategy to target valuable industry keywords on specific pages to allow them to rank competitively online. With consistent SEO and keyword work, Monroe Fluid Technology’s web pages have increased their rank in SERPs, bringing a steady rise of new traffic to the website.

Google Review

“Always available, easy to work with, good communication. Highly recommend. Thanks to Dante!”
Fred Kane

Monroe Fluid Technology

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