About LEDWisconsin

LEDWisconsin is a leading distributor and supplier of custom light and fan fixtures for dairy farm operators, and other industries, across the United States. When Cazbah found LEDWisconsin, they were in need of an updated website design to clearly showcase their products and were searching for a solution to increase their website traffic and sales organically.

Project Overview

When LEDWisconsin partnered with Cazbah, they received a complete website redesign centered on creating simple and useful product and landing pages for website visitors and prospective customers to utilize. Cazbah integrated a clean and simple website layout with a clear webpage infrastructure to allow website visitors to easily navigate to the specific pages they wanted.

Cazbah prioritized SEO and content marketing to achieve LEDWisconsin’s goal of increasing organic traffic to their new website. With consistent SEO keyword integration on target web pages, LEDWisconsin’s pages began to increase in rank in SERPs, increasing the pages’ visibility to new ideal prospects. Content development was also prioritized to create new, useful and optimized content for product pages and important landing pages so customers could get the information they wanted easily. With consistent website metric review, SEO actions, and content development, Cazbah increased the organic traffic to the new LEDWisconsin website, creating the opportunity for increased leads and sales.
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