KTK Thermal Technologies

About KTK Thermal Technologies

KTK Thermal Technologies is a specialty manufacturer of custom thermal products and technologies for a variety of industry applications. By working with Cazbah, KTK Thermal Technologies has learned how to best allocate its resources to achieve maximum results online with an updated and current website.

“They have targeted the right companies that has led to more qualified leads than ever before.”

Project Overview

Before working with Cazbah, KTK Thermal Technologies overspent on Google Ads to increase website traffic. Cazbah gave the KTK Thermal Technologies website an update and focused on tracking and incorporating valuable SEO keywords throughout page content. A content marketing strategy was also developed to create new and beneficial content to bring viewers to specific pages organically, allowing KTK Thermal Technologies to reduce their ad spend cost.

As a result of combined SEO and content marketing efforts, KTK Thermal Technologies has seen a substantial increase in its website traffic metrics, which it has used to convert visitors to qualified leads. KTK Thermal Technologies has been able to tap into the full benefits of online marketing through consistent, repeated SEO work.

Google Review


“Cazbah has been a real pleasure to work with. They have drastically helped with our website and created content that has brought more traffic than when we used to do Pay Per Click. They have targeted the right companies that has led to more qualified leads than ever before. Highly recommend this service for anyone that want to organically grow their website ranking.”

Michael Kulzer

KTK Thermal Technologies

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