Ketcham & Co., Inc.

About Ketcham & Co., Inc.

Ketcham & Co., Inc. is a premier supplier and distributor of oil and coolant mist collectors, air filtration systems, and precision and production parts cleaning systems. Cazbah works with Ketcham & Co., Inc. to create an engaging and useful website that attracts and converts ideal visitors into customers.

Project Overview

Ketcham & Co. came to Cazbah because they needed a web partner who could not only design an updated website, but would also continue to support their growth over the long term. Cazbah designed a new website for Ketcham & Co., complete with clear and informational product pages so visitors could easily view the equipment they were interested in and get more information with one simple click.

Cazbah developed a personalized SEO strategy and began tracking specific industry keywords to prioritize and include throughout the new website. Through dedicated SEO actions, the new Ketcham & Co. website has increased their SERP rankings and their ability to rank competitively for a variety of valuable keywords. Using Google Analytics, website traffic has consistently increased year over year, bringing ideal visitors to important pages and allowing them to convert quicker.
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