Integrated Machinery Solutions

About Integrated Machinery Solutions

Integrated Machinery Solutions is a specialty supplier and distributor of equipment to businesses in the commercial/ industrial woodworking industry. Cazbah works with Integrated Machinery Solutions to create informational-rich and valuable pages visitors can easily access to find the products or services they need quickly.

Project Overview

Cazbah partnered with Integrated Machinery Solutions to create a fresh and updated design that is clear and simple to navigate for visitors unfamiliar with the website. The new website design clearly highlights Integrated Machinery Solutions’ industry experience and organizes their informational pages to prioritize user experience on the new website.

With a combined, dedicated plan of SEO and content development, Cazbah will continue to develop comprehensive and enriched web page content so that it is easy to understand for visitors, but also ranks well in SERPs. By targeting specific SEO keywords and identifying the most popular pages on the website, Cazbah can develop a personalized plan to help the new website improve its rank online.
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