Hunter & Lomison

About Hunter & Lomison

Hunter & Lomison is a premier dealer and maintenance service provider of residential, commercial, and industrial power generation products. With an updated website design and fully functional E-Commerce product pages, Hunter & Lomison has increased its sales and is able to reach new customers regardless of their geographical location.

Project Overview

Cazbah designed a modern and organized Ecommerce website for Hunter & Lomison to lead customers to the product and service pages they wanted so they could have all their questions answered before they completed a purchase. These dynamic and comprehensive pages attracted the right customers to the new website, leading to a proven increase in sales numbers.

Hunter & Lomison’s website has a large number of products that need to be specifically categorized on both the front and back end so sales can be processed properly. Cazbah partners with Hunter & Lomison to resolve any Ecommerce issues that arise quickly so sales rates are not affected, while also providing education to empower them to make any updates they want themselves in the future.

Google Review

“Dan at Cazbah is always ready to help us and quick to find a solution to our questions.”
Jim Kelly

Hunter & Lomison

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