Great Lakes Pressed Steel

About Great Lakes Pressed Steel

Great Lakes Pressed Steel is a family business that specializes in high quality metal stampings, deep drawn metal parts and weldments for a variety of industry applications. Cazbah worked with Great Lakes Pressed Steel to develop valuable page content and partners with them to develop an engaging website visitors will interact with.

Project Overview

When Great Lakes Pressed Steel first started with Cazbah, they knew they needed an updated website with fresh content to stay competitive in their industry and meet customer expectations. Cazbah gave Great Lakes Pressed Steel a new website with a modern design that showcases their deep industry knowledge and experience while also creating a simple navigation for visitors to take advantage of. Content development was utilized to enrich existing pages and create new content so visitors could easily get all the information they were looking for and progress to a sale.

Using tracking tools like Google Analytics, Cazbah has developed personalized SEO and marketing strategies to bring more focus to the most important pages on the website. With dedicated work, organic website traffic has increased and Great Lake Pressed Steel’s SERP rankings have improved.
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