Dealers Truck Equipment Co., Inc.

About Dealers Truck Equipment Co., Inc.

Dealers Truck Equipment Co., Inc. is a fourth-generation family business specializing in providing upfit solution installations and service for dealerships, fleet management companies, end user fleets, and individuals. Cazbah provided a clean and simple, but professional website for Dealers Truk Equipment to clearly display their product and service capabilities to increase their customer reach online and drive traffic to their locations.

Project Overview

Cazbah gave Dealers Truck Equipment a modern, professional website that clearly details their full set of products and services. With detailed descriptions of the solutions they offer, visitors can easily navigate the website and find the information they need to move forward to a sale.

Cazbah developed a researched list of SEO keywords to track and then integrate throughout the new website, steadily allowing Dealers Truck Equipment pages to rank for more valuable keyword phrases and increase their ranking on SERPs. These consistent SEO strategies bring increased traffic to the website and specific landing pages, creating valuable leads. Regular content development is also utilized on the new website to create keyword-rich pages designed to answer any questions an online visitor may have and present quality solutions for their problems. Comprehensive page content allows more new searchers to find Dealers Truck Equipment online and helps to shorten the sales cycle by bringing in ideal prospects.
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