Daurio Auto Truck

About Daurio Auto Truck

Daurio Auto Truck is a premier auto recycler that also specializes in providing high-quality new, used, and remanufactured auto parts for customers. The Cazbah team completely redesigned the Daurio Auto Truck website and incorporated a special plug-in feature so customers could easily find the specific parts they were looking for.

Project Overview

When Daurio Auto Truck partnered with Cazbah, they were in need of a website where customers could actually find the products they were searching for. The Cazbah team redesigned the Daurio Auto Truck website, integrating a simple page infrastructure and installing a specialized parts search plug-in on the backend of the website so customers could efficiently search for specific part types. The new website is focused on user experience to not only bring more customers to the website, but encourage them to increase their time on the website as well.

To increase their rank on SERP pages for valuable keywords and phrases, Cazbah developed a dual SEO and content marketing strategy. By including relevant keywords and enriched page content on specific landing pages, traffic to important Daurio Auto Truck pages has increased and web pages are now ranking competitively for even more valuable keywords.
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