Burr King Manufacturing

About Burr King Manufacturing

Burr King Manufacturing is a premier manufacturer of and service provider for quality belt grinders, polishers, and mass finishing systems. Cazbah designed a brand new website for Burr King Manufacturing focused on simplicity and improving user experience to deliver the right information to the right customers.

Project Overview

Cazbah created an improved website design for Burr King that balances important product visuals with useful information customers can take advantage of to move them smoothly through the sales process. The new website features a modern layout with a clear page infrastructure so customers can easily navigate the website.

Cazbah implemented a content development plan to enrich valuable landing page text and make it more useful to customers. Cazbah also updated the page styling so customers can better understand the information on the page. With updated page content, search engines and online searchers can understand the web pages better, allowing them to rank higher on SERPs and bring more traffic to the website.
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