Blue Ridge Technologies

About Blue Ridge Technologies

Blue Ridge Technologies is an industry leader in developing Unified Lighting Control and Building Automation System technology for a variety of industry applications. Cazbah worked with Blue Ridge Technologies to develop a new website design and create valuable page content for their products and services so the right customers could find them online.

Project Overview

Because Blue Ridge Technologies’ work is highly specific, the Cazbah team created a new website design that balanced enough technical product information with a simple website navigation for customers to easily use. Cazbah created individual product pages with in-depth content and resources available so customers could research the product online and convert quicker to a sale.

Blue Ridge Technologies has a niche customer market, so Cazbah researched and included specific keywords on the new website that Blue Ridge Technologies’ ideal customers were already using to search online. SEO work, combined with regular content development for the website, helped to increase the number of website visitors, especially to specific product pages. Now that customers can easily review valuable product information online, traffic and sales numbers have increased consistently.
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