Applied Image

About Applied Image

Applied Image is a specialized distributor and manufacturer of image analysis, optics, and photonics-related products for a variety of applications worldwide. Applied Image trusts Cazbah to provide strategic marketing and website design insight so that it can utilize its website to its full potential as a 24/7 sales resource.

“I would recommend Cazbah to anyone in need of improving their website and overall digital presence.”

Project Overview

When Applied Image started working with Cazbah, they had a full website update complete with an updated Ecommerce infrastructure to improve their website navigation and on-page user experience. Because Applied Image offers a large amount of customizable product offerings, their Ecommerce infrastructure had to be complex to properly track and manage every possible order option, but simple enough for customers to easily navigate and find. With Cazbah’s help, traffic to Applied Images product pages increased, leading to more completed sales.

Because of the complexity of Applied Image’s Ecommerce store and website, maintaining a secure firewall and website security is essential. The Cazbah team has partnered with Applied Image to disregard potentially dangerous spam traffic and implement backend website security measures to ensure private sales information is protected.

Google Review

“Working with Cazbah has given us the opportunity to improve our website and overall web presence. With a dedicated account manager, we get personalized insights and recommendations through every stage of the process. They have been a great resource for our marketing team, and provide support on a number of digital marketing initiatives. I would recommend Cazbah to anyone in need of improving their website and overall digital presence.”
Glenn Jackling

Applied Image

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