Internet Marketing

We know internet marketing. It’s in our name and we’ve been proving the effectiveness of the Cazbah solution for twenty years now!

Internet marketing is a blanket term for all the actions and marketing management that is required to make a business successful on the web. This means everything from website creation to keyword tracking to content development and everything in between.

The key to a successful internet marketing plan is knowing the answer to the following questions: What makes you different from your competitors? And, why should your customers care? If you’re going to succeed as a niche, small business, you need to give your target audience a reason to choose your business, over your competitor’s business. Your objective should be to go “narrow and deep,” rather than “shallow and wide.” Do what you do and do it better than anyone else. You should not try to be everything to all people.

Instead of trying to convert everyone into a customer, you need to focus on those individuals who are your “ideal customers.” Work to create buyer personas to help you determine who are your best customers. You can then develop your website and marketing materials to attract those types of customers.

Modern day internet marketing is all about the inbound marketing method. You want the right customers to find your small business themselves, rather than you using valuable resources searching for potential customers.