Cazbah started in 2001 with a passion and a dream to bring the best possible full service Internet Marketing and  Website Development Solutions to a very specific type of industry.

Cazbah creates a  true working partnership based on the 5 C’s…


What does your Website SAY about you?

Is it relevant and significant to your target audience? Do you frequently update it? Is your information current? If not, your Website visitors will leave (in 8 seconds)! Worse yet, they probably won’t find you.


Be the center of influence.

Be the ‘Go-To-Guys’ in your (and your customers, prospect & suspects) community. Participate & Engage! Show them that you know what you are talking about. Demonstrate your expertise through your Website and participation.


Regular and frequent dialogue with your customers, prospects and suspects is the only way to go.

Answer their emails and questions & share information openly. Give them a reason to trust you!


Is all about reducing the cycles in your client acquisition process (Suspect – Prospect – Lead – Qualified Lead – Proposal – Close). Focus on the clients YOU want to do business with.


Your customers, prospects & suspects are at your Website to make a buying decision.

Give them what they want, when they want it & how they want it. Back-up their good decision to buy your product or service with whatever they need to move forward!

Some Notable Companies In Your Industry, That We Have Partnered With For Years:

Hamrick Packaging Systems

In 1975, Hamrick Manufacturing & Service, Inc. started as a re-builder and parts supplier of Meyer case packers and uncasers. Since its humble beginnings, Hamrick has grown into a respected supplier of end-of-line packaging equipment, specializing in case and tray packers.

For more than a decade, Hamarick has relied on Cazbah for ALL of their Internet Marketing needs. Joining with the company in 2009, Hamrick has seen a dramatic increase in their qualified leads from the Web.

“Our customers can find us online now. We moved all the way to the top of the 1st page. The volume of phone calls and emails has gone up. Our website traffic is up 600% since joining with Cazbah.” Jordan Hamrick, President

Sidco Filter Company

Sidco Filter Company is a manufacturer of industrial filter element replacements and industrial filter housings for air and gas applications, with a business philosophy founded on excellent customer service.

They have invested years into building our extensive cross-reference database, which gives them the ability to interchange over 100 common brands with more than 10,000 OEM competitor part numbers.

Sidco first sought out Cazbah in 2005. As Sid Cutt, founder said, “We went through several gyrations with other companies before joining with Cazbah. We’ve been with Cazbah for years now and we have seen our sales grow over the Internet. The return that we get from our Internet sales, more than pays for our expenses.”

Airserco Manufacturing Company

Airserco began as an aircraft service company near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1933, offering a diverse line of innovative and reliable service tools. The company’s name is derived from their aviation roots, as in “Air Service Company.”

Since then, Airserco has expanded and evolved. Now specializing in manufacturing solutions and production-line equipment for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the HVAC and
Refrigeration industries.

Liza Bobseine, President of Airserco says, “This company places a huge emphasis on quality customer service. Their staff are extremely responsive, to the point of being startling with how quickly they handle our requests. We are in the early stages of working with them to improve our organic search rankings and I’m hopeful, based on their work ethic and drive that they will produce outstanding results for my business.”

Applied Image

Founded in 1978 in Rochester, NY, Applied Image has one primary goal: to provide our customers with the highest quality image analysis and optics and photonics-related products in the industry. Over the years they have built an extensive catalog of standard products that fill many needs in various markets and applications.

In addition, they have become well known for their ability to manufacture the highest quality custom precision imaged products in the industry. Since 2017, Applied Image has relied on Cazbah for all aspects of the development, implementation and management of their Internet Marketing activities.

“Working with Cazbah has given us the opportunity to improve our overall web presence. With a dedicated account manager, we get personalized insights and recommendations through every stage of the process. They have been a great resource and provide support on a number of digital marketing initiatives. I would recommend Cazbah to anyone in need of improving their website and overall digital presence.” Glenn Jackling, Owner

Small Businesses That Trust Us

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