Lead Management

How do you manage leads generated by your digital marketing initiatives? Do you get filled out forms or phone calls from your site and don’t have any idea where they came from?  Here are some other things most businesses don’t know:

  • Digital Source and Medium of a sale (ie Google / Organic Search)
  • Do you track phone calls that were generated by your digital marketing campaigns as a lead
  • What campaigns generated a sale
  • Who is following up on the lead
  • How are you engaging leads and is it successful
  • What stage of the sales funnel a lead is in
  • What is the customer journey a lead took before the sale
  • What is the actual ROI of your digital marketing campaigns

As we have worked with Cazbah clients over the years, we have learned how important it is for us to understand the customer journey and how effective your digital marketing campaigns have been down to the dollar.

One Sales Pro User
Unlimited “Free” Users

10 Local Numbers




Final Cost

$150 a month


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