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Cazbah started in 2001 with a passion and a dream to bring the best possible full service Internet Marketing and  Website Development Solutions to a very specific type of industry.

Cazbah creates a  true working partnership based on the 5 C’s…


What does your Website SAY about you?

Is it relevant and significant to your target audience? Do you frequently update it? Is your information current? If not, your Website visitors will leave (in 8 seconds)! Worse yet, they probably won’t find you.


Be the center of influence.

Be the ‘Go-To-Guys’ in your (and your customers, prospect & suspects) community. Participate & Engage! Show them that you know what you are talking about. Demonstrate your expertise through your Website and participation.


Regular and frequent dialogue with your customers, prospects and suspects is the only way to go.

Answer their emails and questions & share information openly. Give them a reason to trust you!


Is all about reducing the cycles in your client acquisition process (Suspect – Prospect – Lead – Qualified Lead – Proposal – Close). Focus on the clients YOU want to do business with.


Your customers, prospects & suspects are at your Website to make a buying decision.

Give them what they want, when they want it & how they want it. Back-up their good decision to buy your product or service with whatever they need to move forward!

Some Notable Companies In Your Industry, That We Have Partnered With For Years:

Herrick-Saylor, D.P.C.

A Top-25 Engineering Firm in Rochester, NY, Herrick-Saylor brings over 120 years of experience with their team of Structural Engineers.

The building structures that they design and engineer have ranged from small one-story additions to multi-story buildings including residential, commercial, educational, municipal, industrial and parking garage structures.

Herrick-Saylor came to Cazbah in 2016 with a desire to create a rejuvenated Internet presence for the company. In the many years that they have been a loyal Cazbah customer, performance online has continued to exceed their expectations, capitalizing on the company’s long history and excellent track record.

EC4B Engineering, P.C.

A professional engineering firm with a distinguished track record in building design, renovation and innovative energy conservation strategies, EC4B specializes in Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP).

Nationally licensed in thirty-five states, EC4B provides: Complex Electrical and green systems design, certified Mechanical engineering design and a full complement of Plumbing design services.

EC4B joined with Cazbah in 2019 with a specific goal of using the Web as their primary marketing medium, to support their continued business growth and national expansion. Since then, relevant traffic to their website has steadily increased, year-over-year, resulting in the accomplishment of their online goals.

MJ Engineering & Consulting, Inc.

As a full-service custom machine and system design firm, applying state-of-the-art technology to industrial operations, the staff at MJ Engineering offers a wide variety of hands-on experience to create cost-effective and practical solutions to virtually every engineering problem.

They specialize in the analysis and design of manufacturing-related machinery and automation systems. Serving a wide range of industries, MJ Engineering has provided engineering services since 1988.

MJ Engineering came on-board with Cazbah in 2017 with the goal of redesigning their website and improving the overall performance of the company on the Internet. Over the intervening years, performance has steadily improved, with a continued focus on identifying their ideal customer and developing relevant, significant and frequently updated content that addresses their needs and interests directly.

Helmel Engineering Products, Inc.

As the Only Truly American Coordinate Measure Machine Manufacturer, Helmel serves the precision 3 dimensional inspection and reverse engineering needs of all major manufacturing markets.

They also have systems in several Department of Energy National Laboratories, and many Defense related facilities. Helmel enjoys a vital OEM base, designing and building precision moving structures under private labels for several manufacturers in metrology related fields.

Helmel came to Cazbah in 2020 after several years of disjointed marketing efforts on the Web. Cazbah took a coordinated approach to bringing all of the company’s digital assets to bear on their primary objective of developing and delivering their unique value proposition to their Global target audience.

XACTIV (Exact Placement Of Active Materials)

Founded in 2009, XACTIV emerged from a prominent West-Coast digital printing technology development firm. Providing solutions to challenging 2-D and 3-D printing, material patterning, placement, and coating problems.

XACTIV’s strength is its world class staff of technology experts that have been responsible for generating nearly 1,000 patents and hundreds of technical papers and presentations. XACTIV leverages its vast knowledge base, leading universities researchers, and its full-time staff of experts to develop the most competitive solutions for its clients.

Since 2013 Cazbah has responded to the diverse needs of the company, ensuring that the value of their research and development activities is shared within the scientific and technical communities that they serve.

Tectron Engineering Company

Since 1967, Tectron has designed and manufactured high quality industrial metal detectors, providing superior tramp metal protection.The company’s strength is in their wide-ranging and proven performance at solving difficult applications.

Challenging and ever changing application requirements have led to the development of many product models, each with a unique feature set and capabilities. Whether the application needs are simple or complex, Tectron products and detection solutions are sure to fit the bill.

As a decade-long, loyal Cazbah customer since 2012, Tectron is one, in a family of companies, that joined with Cazbah to address their enterprise’s Internet marketing needs. For many years Tectron has enjoyed the close working relationship that they have with their dedicated Internet Marketing Consultants at Cazbah.

Just A Few Of Our Loyal Customers


“We have been with Cazbah for over 7 years and they provide us the web based tools for our small business to compete and grow. With their guidance…the relationship continues to get stronger as the years go on. I’ve not once questioned their professionalism, and trust their wisdom from all of their experience. They provide the backbone for our web growth.”
Tom Stortz

Stortz & Sons

“Working with Cazbah has given us the opportunity to improve our website and overall web presence. With a dedicated account manager, we get personalized insights and recommendations through every stage of the process. They have been a great resource for our marketing team, and provide support on a number of digital marketing initiatives. I would recommend Cazbah to anyone in need of improving their website and overall digital presence.”
Glenn Jackling

Applied Image, Inc.

“Cazbah has become a key part of our Marketing Team. Their professionals are always on top of the ever changing requirements and methods needed to have an effective online presence. They constantly give us new ideas for our website and push us into other social media campaigns with positive results that are reflected in our sales.”
Scott Markovitz

Showmark, LLC

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