Klene Pipe Structures: Livestock Feeders, Stalls and Portable Building Manufacturer


Klene Pipe general manager Kevin Dockery talks about the challenges of being a small business, “We are definitely one of the few companies in our industry that is actually growing. I’ve spoken to several of our competitors and peers and they have all told me they are down substantially and have had to layoff many of their employees.”

Located in rural Indiana, the company has continued to grow in a challenging economy, manufacturing products that address the needs of their customer for greater efficiency and cost savings. “We’ve more than survived and have rebounded much quicker because of all of the activity we are getting from our Cazbah website,” he went on to say.


Klene Pipe Structures signed up with Cazbah in 2007 and has never looked back. Cazbah built them a new responsive website that met their needs. Since then, their dedicated account manager has worked to tune and improve their new website while working with Kevin to determine the best way to market the company’s products online.

Cazbah designed the website so that the content clearly defined Klene Pipe Structures unique value to their customers—and the navigation was simple and clear. Then they optimized it so that search engines could find it. “75% of the people who call us say they found us on the Internet,” explains Kevin.

Bottom Line:

Cazbah helps Klene Pipe Structures generate more, qualified sales leads. “We now get 20 – 25 phone calls per day from interested potential customers who have found the things they were looking for on our website,” explains Kevin. “Some days it’s even higher. Some days, people call us up and say, ‘I want to place an order.’ We love days like that!”

More emails from customers–the number of qualified customer emails has gone up on a daily basis as well. “We can usually expect to get upwards of 15 emails requesting product information or placing an order every day of the week,” Kevin went on to say.