Gehm & Sons, LTD: Dry Ice Products Distributor


There are some businesses that you just wouldn’t expect to find on the Internet. There are still others that you wouldn’t expect to be remarkably successful on the Internet. Certainly, one of those company types might be a distributor of super-cooled Carbon Dioxide (CO2), or dry ice.

Harry Gehm II, current owner and business manager of Gehm & Sons, discusses how the company has changed since signing on with Cazbah. “Before Cazbah, our situation was that we only had a basic Internet service. Now we are fully active and increasing our sales every single month. We are starting to see more and more people doing searches for our products through the web and not using a phone book.”


For 8 years, Gehm & Sons has utilized the benefits of their Cazbah designed website to promote their dry ice distributing business in their local community and beyond. The company is a specialty small business and Cazbah built their website to reflect that fact. Not just anybody was going to be interested in the products and services offered by the company. Special care was given to ensure that the new website and ecommerce shopping cart reflected the unique value that Gehm & Sons offered to their local customer base.

As Harry Gehm points out, “Being found on the Internet has made all the difference.” Cazbah took the time to learn about Gehm & Sons’ customers and then went further by understanding exactly how those customers went about searching for the dry ice products the company had to offer. Armed with this intelligence, Cazbah developed individual, and optimized web pages, ensuring those pages ranked at the top of the search results. Harry’s dedicated account manager is an Internet Marketing expert who helps him determine the appropriate web strategies and tactics necessary to gain and keep his customers.

Bottom Line:

Ecommerce sales are not the only way that Gehm & Sons gets their new business. Harry explains, “Our phones are ringing constantly. I’d say that our phone calls have increase along the lines of 30%, due to our website. I get calls all the time from people just looking for an answer to a dry ice question. I get emails all the time too. That means I’m getting internet hits and that’s a very positive thing for the business.”

“On a typical day we get 5 – 10 new phone calls from our website. During our busy season, we can get up to fifty phone calls per day, in some cases,” he said. Even with these great results Harry admits that, “I have not fully used the resources of Cazbah yet. We went from a non-active site to an active selling website and our sales are up 300%!”