Foster Transformer Company: Electrical Transformer Manufacturer


Herman Harrison, Jr., vice president of Foster Transformer Company, talks about the challenges he faces with growing his company: “Prior to implementing our Cazbah solution, we went to market primarily through manufacturer’s reps, who tended to call on accounts that were large enough to pay for their time. They were generally selling 8 to 10 lines and we weren’t getting a lot of mindshare, or getting in front of the smaller OEMs (Foster Transformer Company’s primary target market) with the manufacturer’s reps.”

Furthermore, when they did get a lead through the channel Herm commented that, “We would spend a great deal of time in engineering up front. By the time the customer was ready to cut the purchase order, the buyer already had his preferred source, or he shopped-it-out to ten of our competitors and went with the lowest price. Clearly, we weren’t getting our return on investment there,” Herm concluded.


“Cazbah has given us a chance to develop more of a relationship with our customers,” he went on to say. “They have gotten us away from the commodity mindset and positioned us as a specialty product and service company. Without a doubt, Herm said, “The sale of our transformers is the end result, but it’s not the whole package, like it was in the past.”

One of the other significant benefits that Foster Transformer Company has gotten from their relationship with Cazbah has been the market intelligence they have developed about the ‘needs’ of their customers. “We don’t just get inquiry forms for our existing products; we get inquiries from our target customers about their particular needs,” Herm commented. “People come to the website or call us, looking for a particular product, or talking about a product they already have, that isn’t meeting their needs in some way. When we start hearing similar responses from multiple prospects, we can create a solution and put it on our website and make people aware of it.”

Bottom Line:

Since 2008 Herm Harrison Jr. has seen the results that a comprehensive website solution by Cazbah can bring. “One of the great advantages the Cazbah solution has provided us is pre-qualified leads,” he stated. “When someone calls us, we know they’re actually interested in our products. They’ve got a real problem and they’re looking for a solution. If we can help them, there is a very good chance that we can convert that discussion into a sale!”

“We are getting emails and phone calls every day. We average 5 to 6 emails and phone calls from new accounts, or potential new accounts, daily. Before Cazbah that might have been 1 or 2 phone calls per week,” he said. “When we get an inquiry, we know that 1 in 3 will result in a quote and 1 in 2 quotes will result in a sale. We definitely have a higher conversion rate from our Web inquiries than we did for inquiries coming in from manufacturer’s reps.”