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what makes a successful email marketing campaign


Why Email Marketing Is Important


Email marketing can have several benefits for small businesses. Maybe you have a regular blog or newsletter you want to update customers on, send reminders for seasonal deals or promotions, or maybe you just want to learn more about your customers to develop your business relationship to improve your service. Whatever the case, email marketing makes it easy for you to stay in contact with your customers regardless of location or time zone. However, to have a successful email marketing campaign you need to invest time, A/B testing, and dedication. What I’ve found is that many people give up before investing thoroughly into this idea.


It’s not uncommon for me to hear a client say that email marketing didn’t work for them in the past or that their customers wouldn’t be interest in receiving this type of communication. This is when I find myself asking clients the following questions:  


  • Can you explain why email marketing was unsuccessful for your business in the past?
  • Why do you feel your customers won’t be interested in email marketing communications if you’ve never tried (or haven’t fully invested in it)?



What Makes a Successful Email Marketing Campaign


One of the biggest problems of failed email marketing strategies, is the design and construction of the actual emails. You need every part of your email to be enticing, from the subject line to the sign off.


Your emails need to be easy to read, interesting, informative, and action inspiring. Additionally, make sure you’re not pestering your customers either. Don’t send them repeated emails if they didn’t sign up for them, and don’t send them promotions on random products or services. Your emails to your customers need to be applicable and useful, or else they’ll get buried in their inbox.


how to craft email subject lines


Here are a few simple points to keep in mind when sending email marketing communications to your customers or audience:


  • Establish a schedule for how often you’ll be sending your emails (different forms of emails may have varying frequency)
  • Get to the point! No one wants to read paragraph after paragraph of your ramblings. You need to lay our your message in a clear and concise manner


It may take several months of dedicated email campaigning before you learn what your customers are most interested in hearing about. Not to worry, this is very common, especially when you first venture out into the world of email marketing.


Something you can do to help speed up your learning process is to incorporate a few user-friendly links into every email that you send. That way you can get a sense of the most popular pages your customers visit. Another idea is to add a CTA (call to action) encouraging customers to contact you in some way (through a phone call, scheduling a meeting, or filling out a form on your website).


how to create a good email tips


Here are a few tips to create a successful email marketing campaign:


  • Use short, personalized, and eye grabbing subject lines that make the reader curious
  • Use a standard template for all your business emails (include consistent logo placement, contact info, and content layout)
  • Use mixed media instead of plain text (send a video, an infographic, or an image to get your point across instead)
  • Use relaxed and second person language to make your email sound personable (second person language is how you’d talk to someone in a conversation, words like “you”, “I”, and their first name)



In Conclusion


In the end, review the details and metrics of your email campaign report. Pay close attention to the click through rates (CTR) of your individual email campaigns to get an idea of how successful they are. Before you consider scrapping it, take a look at the tips and points above to make sure you’re really trying everything first to create successful email marketing campaign.