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Why Email Marketing Is Important

Why Email MarketingThere are many ways to utilize Email Marketing Strategies for your business. Some businesses may need to communicate important information to a specific audience, on a regular basis. Others may be looking at more of a seasonal situation where reminders, of some sort, are appropriate. Or, perhaps there’s a need to learn more about your customers and their particular interests.

It is not uncommon for me to hear a client say that email marketing didn’t work for them in the past or that their customers wouldn’t be interested in receiving this type of communication. This is when I find myself asking clients one of two questions.

  • Can you explain why email marketing was unsuccessful for your business in the past?
  • Why do you feel your customers won’t be interested in email marketing communications if you’ve never tried?

Why Email Marketing Works

Here are a few simple things to keep in mind when sending email marketing communications to your customers or audience. First, it is important to determine how frequently you will be sending email marketing campaigns. No matter if you choose monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly; be sure to get on a schedule, and stick to it, because your recipients will expect to hear from you around that time.

Next, make sure the message you wish to get across in your email is clear and concise. You have very little time to grab your recipients attention. Avoid burying your message in long, drawn-out paragraphs of text. Get right to the point!  Make your email reader friendly and speak directly to your audience, as opposed to talking at them.

It may take several months of email campaigning before you learn what your customers are most interested in hearing about. Not to worry, this is very common, especially when you first venture out into the world of email marketing. Something you can do to help speed up your learning process is to incorporate a few user-friendly links into any email that you send, that navigate to top level pages on your website.  Another idea is to add a call-out encouraging customers to contact you, or a link that to a form on your website.

Why Email Marketing is Effective

In the end, review the details of the email campaign report. This is commonly referred to as Analytics. Pay close attention to the click through rates of your individual email campaigns. Did your recipients click on the main message in your email? Or, did they skip over it and navigate to a different page on your website? All of the information your get on your individual email campaigns can be very helpful, when it comes to improving your emails and determining what you should feature or share in the next one.

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