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As web optimization continues to grow and advance, it’s more important than ever to ensure you’re implementing a user-friendly website navigation design for your small business. Most tend to believe web design is all about the way a website ‘looks’ when in reality, this is only half the battle. So what else should be considered when sitting down to redesign your new website? Great question!



User-Friendly Website Design – The Look & Functionality


A new design or website should always be neatly organized without a lot of clutter. Furthermore, the layout should be somewhat consistent from one page to the next – locating images, content, call to actions and other important information in similar areas. This helps the end user learn how and where to locate important details on your website. Always be sure to consider the following when it comes to implementing a user-friendly website design:


  • Defining Your Website’s Purpose
    The main goal for most websites is to generate new leads or business. This is a great start when it comes to determining the goals for you and your small business; however, this may not be the answer to defining the main purpose of your website.

    The best way to generate more leads or sales online would be to put a little more effort into understanding the goals or problems in which your audience is trying to solve. By aligning your customers’ goals with what you’re trying to achieve with your small business website, you can ultimately be the one who provides them with a solution.  


  • Mobile Friendly Website
    All small businesses need a mobile friendly website. Click the following link to learn more about Mobile Friendly Website Tips.  


In Conclusion


Once you have the above details in place, you are ready to move onto Step 2 of implementing a user-friendly website navigation for your small business. Check back in a few weeks to learn more about Primary & Secondary Navigation and how to organize a simplistic, user-friendly navigation that will benefit users as well as the search engines.