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For 10 years, Cazbah has been rocking results for our industrial, manufacturing, and B2B customers. We are not an industrial directory who expects you to buy your traffic, or a boutique design house that is going to try to convince you that an edgy logo and color palette is the secret to unlocking new sales. We deliver results by applying the technology, processes, and people that meet the specific needs of your business. We work with you to establish attainable and tangible goals, implement online strategies to achieve those goals and back it all up with data-driven analytics to measure and evaluate success.

This data and results driven approach is what allows Cazbah customers to reduce sales costs, increase sales, gain market share, and unlock new markets for their products and services. Through dedicated online marketing, website design, and analytics work, our clients have seen steady, measurable success in sales and growth.

But don’t just take our word for it.  Let our customers tell you!

“In the past, we had 88 sales reps on the street. Those 88 reps never produced 1/10 of what our Website currently produces. The way we go to market has changed completely. We no longer use sales reps and now we do all of our marketing and selling online. We have doubled our online business in the past 2 years. 95 – 100% of our sales lead generation now comes from our Cazbah Website.”
Tom Rich, Director
CH Ellis, Inc.

“Cazbah has definitely helped us to grow our business. […] Inquiries through the Web have proven to me that there are opportunities that are many miles away that I never would have even considered calling on until the Web. These are opportunities that exist all over the US. Where before we were only a regional company, now we ship products to customers all over the country. ”
Andy Severson, Vice President & General Manager
Armstrong Brands, Inc.

“On a normal day, we get between 8 to 10 phone calls that are generated from our Website. Some days I get as many as 13 requests for quotes directly from our Cazbah Website. These are the types of customer contacts that we were not getting before moving to Cazbah. ”
Bob Johnson President, Owner
Perma-Vault Safe Company, Inc.

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