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If you have been involved in the marketing of your website, you are undoubtedly tired of hearing the term “content marketing.” Usually this is because it means you will have to sit and write about your business rather than running it. Unfortunately, you keep hearing it because it is one of the few Google confirmed ways to increase quality traffic to your site.

In this series we will start looking at the common content types, and providing a step by step “cheat sheet” to make it easier to work through and create quality organized content. We will focus on the website content commonly used on B2B and industrial websites.

A top menu on an industrial website will typically look something like this, with the main content opportunity pages in bold.

Services – a page each of service and/or products offered
Industries Served – a page each for the various industries you serve
Industry News (blog) – short news or events posted on a regular basis
Resources  – Whitepapers and Specs
Products – ecommerce or product descriptions

We will work through each of these, and in this blog we will start with  the “Industries Served” page layout.

A quality web page enhanced for readability and SEO will consist of a Page Title that contains the main keyword, at least 500 words including a clear organized page heading structure, keywords, and an appropriate image. To make it easier to create this type of content, I have included a “cheat sheet” below. The best way to use this is to go through and create a title for each section and answer each question with a few paragraphs. Upon completion you will add your sections together and you will end up with a nicely organized Industries page.

Overview: (Main h1 heading: title of this blog with main keyword included)
Provide an introduction to the specific Industry and how your company can help to improve their business:

Assessing Needs:(h2 heading: why you, your company or products are a good fit for this industry)
What needs does your company or product fill for this particular industry? (provide 2 examples)

Applications of (h3 heading: The primary application for your product)
In what ways does this industry use your products? Is it a traditional use or do you see new applications with your product?

What makes you so special? (h4 heading: “Best Customer Service, Fastest shipping in the industry, Most knowledgeable staff etc…”
Why would a prospective client or customer choose your company over your competition? Is it your knowledge about your industry, the product quality, your service, your price etc… (provide 2 compelling examples)

Products: (h5: heading: Top selling or most useful or similar products for your industry)

Which products specifically are used (list main products and attach URLs)

Product:                    url:
Product:                    url:
Product:                    url:
Product:                    url:

Client Successes:
Have you helped anyone in the that industry yet? Can you provide a quote or recommendation?

Can you write a case study about it? (Check back to see the case study cheat sheet in my next blog.)

Research & Insights
This is an opportunity to show your knowledge of the industry and include links to previous industry papers, blogs, infographics, charts etc.

Provide a quick summary of the main points and a call to action button or phone number and contact information for them to learn more.

Creating Industries served pages is a great way to add a substantial amount of quality website content and focus on how your product or services can provide much needed solutions to common industries and their needs.

Make it a goal to add two new industries pages this month and check back for the next blog where we will discuss adding case studies and offer a cheat sheet to make your process more meaningful and efficient.

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