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A couple of years ago, I wrote a post and shared a video about Net Neutrality legislation. This year, Net Neutrality is back on the list of hot topics, primarily as a result of comments and press releases from the recently appointed FCC Chair Ajit Pai calling Net Neutrality legislation into question.


At the risk of editorializing a bit, from what I have studied, the end of the Net Neutrality legislation policy could lead to even greater hurdles for small business owners who are trying to stay competitive online. There are already plenty of scenarios where “pay to play” is almost (if not explicitly) required. Loss of Net Neutrality would leave the door open for ISPs to scale internet speeds similar to the descriptive “fast lanes” and “slow lanes” based on buying power of advertisers, businesses and users.


There is more to follow, and so far no action has been taken (it was scheduled to begin voting/debate on May 18), but if you are interested in reading the actual proposal you can find FCC Document FCC-17-60A1 here.


There is a well-presented and informative post from our counterparts at Moz recently dedicated to the topic:


And of course, the obligatory lighter side as presented by John Oliver, in a follow-up to the original video I shared:


Warning: Contains profanity and some graphic content; NSFW. 


And that video generated such a response, John Oliver followed it up with this:



What do I do about it? Contact the FCC.The FCC is open for feedback on this matter. In fact, you can visit the page dedicated to FCC Docket 17-108 here and provide your own filing (input). Given the potential impact (financial and otherwise) to small business across the web, we should all do what we can to encourage our legislators on both sides to support actions which further protect our interests and the freedom we enjoy online.

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