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As I’m sure most of us have experienced, keeping up with the constant flow of emails can be a huge time suck. If you are a small business owner who wears more than a few hats, you don’t exactly have an extra hour to devote to cleaning out your inbox at the end of each day.

There are, however, a handful of those emails that really shouldn’t be banished to the deep, dark depths of your inbox. Here are some that shouldn’t be ignored from an Internet Marketing Consultant’s perspective.

Let’s Take A Closer Look:
  1. Payment Gateway Provider ( / PayPal):
    Just about every email from your payment gateway provider should be taken seriously. Typically, these companies do not send too many email notifications that are not important, presumably to not dilute the importance of their other emails. The other reason for their importance is what can happen if you don’t take the necessary action they require, like not updating your site to their latest security requirements.
  2. Shipping (UPS / FedEx / USPS)

    Depending on how you have your notifications setup, you may be receiving a high volume of shipping emails. In order for the more important emails to stand out, I suggest creating a filter and label in Gmail, or folder for other email clients, where all of your basic delivery notifications can go. See the video for Google’s suggestions for blocking unwanted messages, and visit this link for a step by step guide to creating Gmail filters. These simple steps can instantly make your email experience much more enjoyable and efficient.

  3. Website Host
    This can be a tricky one because you probably receive spammy emails from other hosting companies trying to get your business, in addition to the legitimate emails you should be paying attention to. Aside from creating another filter, start by opening the next email from whoever is hosting your website, and see if you can change your email notification settings to only receive alerts you truly need.
  4. Domain Name Registrar
    Any email from them should be read as it is probably a reminder of your expiring domain name. I always recommend setting a recurring calendar event a month or two before your domain name expires, so you don’t have to rely on the email notifications.

If there are emails from other sources that you think may be important to your business or website, but aren’t sure if they require any action, your friendly IMC is there to help. We will be able to guide you and let you know what other types of emails you should be passing along to us, or can completely ignore. Some of these tips may seem a bit obvious, but the improved email efficiency, and peace of mind gained can be priceless to a small business owner.

Have some time saving email tips of your own? Add them in the comments below!