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Social MediaI once read a quote that has forever been ingrained into my internet marketing brain.  One that makes perfect sense but often is a difficult concept for businesses to understand:

“You can’t just stick social media buttons onto a site and expect something to instantly spread across the social stratosphere”
(By ViperChill

What do I mean when I refer to Social Media?

The world has become a constant battle for discovering the next social media fad, and continues to grow.  Those most commonly used include, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn, and various Blogs.  Of course there are thousands of other social networking sites but let’s stick to those most commonly used. Check out our past blog post about How to Get Started with Social Media Marketing, which will guide you through all the steps to start your social media journey.

What can Social Media do for Me?

Social media allows you to amplify and reach new or existing target audiences.  Check out the stats yourself and see what you’re missing out on:

  • Facebook: Over 1 Billion active users*
  • Twitter: 560 Million active users*
  • Pinterest: 70 Million active users*
  • Instagram: 150 Million active users*
  • Google+: 400 Million active users*
  • LinkedIn: 240 Million active users*
  • 72% of Online Users use social networking sites (

*stats provided by

So What’s the Myth?

More times than not business owners and marketers think that as long as they create a company page on a social media network, therefor creating a link on their website, that they now are on their way to social media success! Customers will come flocking in from the social atmosphere and soon I’ll be making millions of dollars, right?  Well let’s just pull those reins back a bit.

Remember that quote I mentioned above, take a deep breath and think about it. If it was as simple as creating a Facebook page for my business, don’t you think everyone would be doing it and the market would be saturated with pure social media success?

Do you want to have success in the social media world? Then yes, the first step is to create a company page!  Second, create links from your company website to your social media page (for each and every one!). Third, and most importantly start posting! Yes, believe it or not you have to work to have a successful social media presence.  This is the key differentiator in whether or not your social media efforts will impact your bottom line!

The social network is a great way to reach new audiences and target new customers. Use it to start creating a buzz about who you are and what you do.  How do you sell your products or business to a customer who walk through your doors or calls you up? It is no different here, show the social network what makes you unique.  Talk about your success, how you’ve helped your customers and solved their problems.

Each platform has a bit of a different feel or atmosphere. Facebook, is more of a laid back, happy go lucky environment.  Twitter, pretty similar feel to Facebook, relaxing, personable feeling.  LinkedIn, is a bit more professional, other professionals looking to connect and promote who they are and what they do, job opportunities and networking.

Start doing some research, what are your competitors doing, what are the big brand name companies up to on their social media pages?  You can learn a lot from your competitors, even what not to do.  Lastly, promote your social media pages.  Create links on your website in visible areas.

Start to develop some content specific to your social media audience.  Most social media networks also have options to advertise within the platform, usually for a reasonable price. These advertising options gives you another great way to reach a new audience and customer!

Want to get started or learn more about social media, lets us know!  After all, we are the internet marketing experts.

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