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Late in June this year, Google officially rolled out their newest addition to the Google My Business platform, the Google Posts function. This has been much anticipated, since they began slowly implementing it across various avenues in January of 2016. This new feature allows for a relatively easy (and free!) way to promote your business.

More Details about Google Posts:

What is Google Posts? It is a feature of the Google My Business utility which allows business owners to create posts in Google, promoting events, products or other details of their business.

Where will Google Posts show up? These posts show up directly in the Google Knowledge Graph for a business, and are one of a few things a business can take advantage of to promote themselves directly.

Note – These will show up when a brand/company specific search is performed.

What can I post on Google Posts? Google Posts is designed to help businesses promote events, products, and services they offer to the public. This can be especially helpful for business with a heavy local focus to promote a specific event or local offering.

How do I get started with Google Posts? Now that Google Posts is officially available to all Google My Business Owners, you can follow the instructions found on Google Here to learn more about how you can create Google Posts on desktop and mobile platforms. Before you can get started, you’ll need to claim your Google My Business page.

What results should I expect with Google Posts, and how do I measure them? The answer may be different based on your objectives, but a good place to start is within the Google My Business console itself. On each post, there is an icon showing how many times your post was seen. You can click on that to view the details of the post, which will tell you how many times it was viewed, and also how many times a customer clicked your button (if you used one). Your goal may be direct sales, increased foot traffic, webpage visits, brand visibility, etc.

Note – posts currently expire 7 days after they were originally posted, so you want to keep your content coming regularly!

Hopefully this new feature on Google My Business is helpful. Speaking editorially, this is one of the most significant improvements I’ve seen on the Google My Business platform in a long time, making it better for both the end user and the business owner. Happy posting!

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