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It’s that time again. As we venture into the new year, many small business owners tend to make their company’s website and internet marketing presence one of their top New Year’s resolutions. Of course, having a client become focused on a website is every marketing consultant’s dream. However, this can also turn into one of our biggest marketing challenges.


More often than not, I see business owners become heavily engaged for the first few months, and then slowly start to drift away, which can lead to unfinished activities, incomplete strategies, and a great deal of disappointment on both ends.


To avoid these sort of setbacks, simply take the time to evaluate strategies, discuss tactics, and be sure your internet marketing consultant is aware of your availability. This will give flexibility and allow for planning around busy times/seasons – ensuring nothing but continued success with online marketing strategies for your business.



New Year Resolution Internet Marketing Tips


1. Set aside a small window of time each week or month where you can focus solely on the website  

2. Focus on achievable goals with your marketing consultant that will greatly benefit the growth and success of your business  

3. Set short and long term goals to strike a good balance for activities and or expectations

4. Ensure all action items are given an appropriate amount of time to incorporate and or complete. If you are uncertain as to how long some marketing strategies may take, ask your marketing consultant for a rough timeline

5. Evaluate all agreed upon activities for growth and plan ahead to ensure there’s a marketing budget in place to support the growth of your business online



2017 Internet Marketing New Year Resolutions – Areas of Focus


1. Fresh, relevant content is beneficial to every website

2. The beginning of the year is a great time to organize and freshen up that stagnant homepage we all tend to neglect as the year goes on.

3. Start making a list of frequently asked questions and use that information to build or add additional content to a FAQ page on the website. In depth questions can be used to write a blog post or provide additional information for products and or services. These questions are often obtained from the following:


-Salesmen who work directly with customers / end users

-Incoming phone calls to anyone within the company

-Questions submitted directly via email or through forms located on the website  


4. Customer communication is key to the growth of your business. It’s important to keep your customers educated on various (new) product lines, product improvements, service offerings and more. A couple ways you can share this information would include:


-Website callout(s) supported by landing page(s) with additional information

-Blog Posts

-Social Media

-Email Marketing

-PPC Advertising



In Conclusion


What are the online marketing resolutions for your business? What strategies will you use to achieve them? Do you feel these New Year Internet Marketing Ideas & Tips will be helpful to you and your business?


We would love to get your feedback! Please comment with additional ideas, tips or questions you may have regarding online marketing new year resolution for your business.  

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