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Simplify, [Simplify, Simplify].

Why Simplify?  That is the question one should focus on when designing a website. I try to ask that question often: why? Why do you need a fancy slider on your homepage? Why do you need to over complicate this chart/page/table/link/text/image/menu/homepage/checkout page?

I wrote my first post about simplifying contact forms to improve completion rates. In my last post, I explained how simplifying your landing page(s) and site navigation make it easier for the user to follow your path to goal completion. Here I intend to reiterate exactly the same idea. Like Henry David Thoreau.


“Everything should be made as simple as possible…but not simpler.” – Albert Einstein


Too often, we want a bunch of fancy images, an extravagant responsive theme design, a thousand pages, a million products, and a custom designed set of icons and images to stupefy the site visitor with the glory and wonder of artistic perfection.


Is it really going to help your user navigate your site to the destination you intend? Is that going to increase conversions? We certainly strive to design highly functional and responsive websites, but beauty is often found more profoundly in function than fashion. Or, as I like to say, function is fashion. When a site performs well, works simply and reliably to achieve your results (usually qualified leads), then it is beautiful in its own right.

Take a look at the page below. Besides using the dark theme, which I far prefer, the site features incredibly simple navigation. Your site doesn’t need to look just like this, but you could do far worse than to make it so simple for your users to know what you want them to do.




As you can see below on, simplicity can also be compelling and alluring, and beautiful, in the way you want your users to not only appreciate, but respond to. It inspires the user to trust you and follow your navigation pathway.




I do not suggest that your site needs to look exactly like these. I do suggest you consider how you can simplify your home page, and the layout and navigation of your site to make it as easy as possible for your target audience, when they reach your site, to do exactly what you would like them to do. Strive for simplicity.

This post owes a great deal to Neil Patel for inspiration.

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