John Stortz & Son, Inc.,

Trusted the Cazbah team to redesign their website and take control of their internet marketing.


It’s hard these days to find good ‘ole fashioned American-made products, but that’s what the Stortz family has been offering for five generations. John Stortz & Son, Inc., have a great product, but they were struggling to succeed on the web. They knew they needed to remain competitive, and the web was the best way to do that.



John Stortz & Son, Inc. trusted the Cazbah team to redesign their website and take control of their internet marketing.

Together, with their personal IMC (Internet Marketing Coonsultant) and Cazbah’s dedicated Production team, they set out to formulate a fresh look for their website, implement the best terms to use for SEO development, and work through Cazbah’s carefully formulated growth plan which has proven results.

Cazbah uses tools like Google Analytics, Bing, SEMRush and many others to increase Stortz’s websites’ visibility and measure-ability on the web.



John Stortz & Son, Inc., have remained a loyal Cazbah client for over seven years. They have seen steady ranking growth on SERPs (Search Engine Results Page), and the improving financial results which come with it, proving the legitimacy of the SEO and internet marketing techniques the Cazbah team uses.

From 2016-2017 alone, Cazbah’s internet marketing solutions helped increase John Stortz & Son, Inc.


Increase in online sales revenue


Increased online sales transactions


Increased session traffic


Their web presence continues to grow as they see consistent success in the ecommerce buying of their products. Their commitment to customer needs and satisfaction is only met by Cazbah’s dedication to John Stortz & Son, Inc.